Parker Movie Launches Art Contest
November 22, 2012

Parker, a movie based on the Donald Westlake novels about an extraordinarily tough guy, is in theaters January 25. You may be familiar with the graphic novels adapted by Darwyn Cooke from the same source material. The film stars Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, and Nick Nolte. Here’s the trailer:

To promote the film, there’s an “Art of the Heist” contest. Create a piece that incorporates at least one of the provided samples — which include weirdly detailed guns, a cityscape in neon tones, or cartoony stacks of money and diamond rings — and one lucky winner will get a trip to LA and their art used in a mural. Entries are due by November 30. Winner will be judged based on originality, “Artistic Incorporation of Provided Assets”, and how well the piece reflects the Parker character, in equal shares.

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