Parade Magazine Calls Superman “Ethically Challenged”

You remember Parade, don’t you? Comes in the Sunday paper, and the articles and ads suggest their target reader is over 60 years old?

I was surprised to see that yesterday, Superman’s decision to quit working for the newspaper in order to start blogging got two pages of commentary in the publication. You can also read the column online. Here are the key excerpts, though:

Clark Kent at the Daily Planet

… Little did I know that, three months later, Superman would throw a hissy fit and quit.

… Kent claims he’s been in the newsroom for five years. Please. The guy’s been pecking the keyboards since the 1930s. Journalists and math: so painful to watch.

Okay, I’m just going to say it. Kent has been ethically challenged for years. How many times can you hide behind that mild-mannered malarkey while story after story about you bleeds across the front page? For 55 years I’ve been waiting for Kent to raise his hand in a meeting and mumble, “Um, about that man in the red cape …”

But, no. Instead, Superman has stomped out of the newsroom and trashed the industry that gave him cover. Rumor has it that he left the paper to blog. Bad idea, meet worst nightmare.

Superman, a little advice: We’re short on heroes these days. We don’t want you to be like the rest of us. Social media is the new Kryptonite. One minute you’re trolling Lex Luthor’s Facebook page, and the next thing you know you’re tweeting X-ray vision pics of women on the 23rd floor of the Hilton.

I gave up reading the Superman comics, so I don’t know if this choice makes sense for the new version of the character, or if it will be remembered as fondly as when Clark Kent donned wide ties to read the TV news in the 70s. On the one hand, I like the idea of trying to keep the character in touch with today’s world — although clearly, based on this writer, it doesn’t matter when people have spent their whole life knowing the character’s story, as they first heard it. On the other hand, why mess with something so well-established? Because it gets you noticed in the weirdest and widest-ranging places, I guess.

5 Responses to “Parade Magazine Calls Superman “Ethically Challenged””

  1. Anthony Says:

    Aside from indicating the writer doesn’t think much of “comic book time”, apparently (per the “five years” remark), I’d note that any modern newspaper like the “Daily Planet” would long since have a major online presence already. I recall 2000s stories showing Clark and Lois’ articles being on the Daily Planet’s website (which I assume, like the NY Times, would be a massive online news presence). Wonder why DC didn’t take a more interesting step and just have Morgan Edge dump the print side of the “Planet” (and make it a digital/online only media presence), if they were interested in “modernizing”, erm, something that was already modernized in the 2000s…

  2. Dwight Williams Says:

    Following in Seattle’s major dailies’ footsteps?

  3. James Schee Says:

    We haven’t seen the new job in practice yet, as the last issue was the one where Clark did his beg speech and walked out at end. So I’m not going to comment on how it is yet until I see it in practice.

    Though I will say I found it a bit too similar to the Jerry McGuire movie scene, complete with fresh young blonde coworker(Cat Grant) walking out with him.

    I wouldn’t mind something fresh and new, and it can work for long time characters at times. I know I was surprised when I checked back in with Spider-Man last year to find Peter no longer working at the Daily Bugle.(this iconic part of the character wasn’t even the recent movie)

    It was a natural growth for Peter and his history, to go into science though. I’m not sure if blogging will offer such a natural progression for Clark.

    I wonder what would be a natural job progression for Clark? Other than farming, because that would seem limiting.

  4. Derek Bown (@BurningLizard) Says:

    I’m just looking forward to the story where Clark, realizing blogging is not a sustainable lifestyle, tries to bum money from his friend Bruce.

  5. Dwight Williams Says:

    Does Wayne Enterprises still have that media/publishing arm from pre-Flashpoint continuity?




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