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CAKE Chicago

Now that I’m in the area, I’m looking forward to next year’s Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), to be held June 15 and 16, 2013. I’m hoping there’s a fantastic lineup of guests for the second year of the show … so if you’re an independent/alternative artist or publisher, please apply to exhibit at the curated show. Applications are due by the end of the year. They aim for 50% exhibitors from the greater Chicago area and 10% first-time exhibitors, as well as “a wide variety of talent and experience”. Tables, if you’re accepted, are $60.

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  1. Danny Ferbert Says:

    I’ve never been to a big small press convention before. I’ve only ever had a table at one convention and it was some dumb Horror/Anime Convention in Orlando where a bunch of kids ran around with Nerf guns. I had applied for the most recent Brooklyn Fest but I wasn’t accepted.
    I’d like to finally get a chance to sell my comix or even give my comix away to people at a big small press convention just to get more exposure for my art then what I’ve been able to get online.
    I have several books I’m going to be releasing before this convention comes around. I should have atleast 3 printed and ready to sell. I still have back inventory from my old comix, and I have stickers to give out as well. I’m really trying to make this year the year I get out and show what my comix are made of and I hope from looking at my website you can appreciate what I have. Thank You.

  2. Danny Ferbert Says:

    Well I obviously wasn’t reading very closely and fucked that all up. Heh.




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