Viz Manga Android App Gives Away Shonen Jump Issues With Offers

Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha week of December 10

If you’re using the Viz Manga app on an Android device, you now have an option available to read the manga digital anthology Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha for free.

Instead of paying 99 cents for an issue, or $25.99 for a year’s subscription, you can download and install another Android app from a list that the Viz app provides. Once you open and then exit from that other app, you get a link to download the Shonen Jump issue for free. The system is described as choosing “from a variety of promotional offers from our advertising partners”, so I suppose it’s possible that the types of offers might change in future. But for now, if you’re willing to download, install, open (and then uninstall after the Viz download) some other app, you can get your manga anthology legally for free.

This offer is only available on Android, and it appears that downloading the issue there will also transfer back to the website I downloaded my Shonen Jump issue and some other samples, but while the samples didn’t appear on the website, I could read the magazine issue on the web when I logged into the same account.

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