Archie Issues Reprinting Stories — Another Business Choice to Cut Costs?

Betty & Veronica #263 cover

The Archie comic issues, the standard format ones, have usually featured new stories, which are then reprinted later in the digests. However, the latest issue of Betty & Veronica, #263, contains two stories. The second one, “Cheering Section”, is an unlabeled reprint. I knew this because I made fun of it four years ago. (The opening image is physically impossible.) I don’t know the original source, but the digest was Betty & Veronica Double Digest #158.

With the lack of outside advertising, declining sales figures, and fewer titles published this year, I can’t help seeing this as another sign that Archie Comics is changing the way it operates as a publisher. I wonder how much longer we’re going to see new stories that aren’t starring Kevin Keller or pop culture cameos.

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