A Scary Project: Rereading All Your Comics

I find this 2013 plan by Rafer Roberts, to re-read every comic he owns simultaneously frightening and inspiring.

I will be re-reading every comic book that is currently in my collection.

Single issues only. No collections. Original graphic novels only if I find them in a box rather than on a shelf….

This will mostly be in alphabetical order as I work my way through the collection, but if I buy something cool and want to talk about it out of order I will.

Nothing I buy new from this point on will be discussed until I’ve made it through the collection. Cool old back issues are fair game though….

That’s all I can think of for now. I probably have 3000-4000 comics, so this could take a while.

He’s created a tumblr (at the link) to show every issue. I’d like to do something like this, while weeding out the collection to keep only what I truly treasure, but I don’t have the years it would take. Still, it’s something more of us accumulators should do, just to be sure of what we have.

6 Responses to “A Scary Project: Rereading All Your Comics”

  1. KC Says:

    If I tried this, I’d have to call it “Rereading All My Comics – Until I Die”. According to our recent move, I have 480 short boxes of comic books. You do the math.

  2. James Schee Says:

    LOL y’all crack me up KC & Johanna. Oddly I could probably do this these days, given that I only own about 350-550 comics (HCs, GNs, tpbs and a few floppies) Good way to see what you really do want to keep and what is best left forgotten.

  3. Rick Says:

    I’m re-reading Iron Man from Tales of Suspense 39,collected in hardcover up to my single issues starting with IM #1(while reading the current stories too)also doing that with NOVA…oh and Amazing Spider-Man now as well…(that’ll keep me in the Parker mode while Slott’s new “Stupendous Spider-Octopus-Man” issues start rollin’ in.)

  4. Kelson Says:

    Wow. I’m daunted just by the idea of re-reading one series. Though thinking about it, there’s not really much point in keeping them if I’m not going to re-read them.

  5. Johanna Says:

    And that’s what makes this disturbing to me — I tell myself I’m keeping all these books and comics so I can enjoy them again later, but if I’m honest with myself, later will probably never come.

    Although I did reread all my mystery paperbacks I acquired in the 80s over the summer, so maybe I’m not totally delusional.

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