Hot in Cleveland Tackles Conventions in January 2nd Episode
December 31, 2012

The episode of Hot in Cleveland airing Wednesday, January 2, on TVLand, features the stars heading to the “Cleveland Fantasy Con” in some convoluted plotline that puts guest Heather Locklear and show anchor Valerie Bertinelli into costume, as shown in this promo clip:

Valerie’s character has a thing for Jay Harrington (whom I’m thrilled to see after still missing Better Off Ted), but he’s Locklear’s ex, and they both run the small promotions company Bertinilli works for. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a very old-school-style sitcom, with goofy situations that would never happen in real life and a warm-hearted-ness that can be reassuring, like a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I’m curious to see how many fan stereotypes they succumb to in this episode, given their older audience (I’m presuming), or whether the convention figures much in the show at all.

Also, Georgia Engel has been guest-starring as a bisexual friend of Betty White’s. This is the place to go to see sitcom veterans considered too old for other shows ply their craft.

Update: They never made it to the convention. Instead, Locklear and Bertinilli, in costume, wind up out on a window ledge trying to rescue a runaway cat. Jane Leeves’ boyfriend (Eddie Cibrian), a hot firefighter, tries to save them, right after Leeves has dumped him for being a Brony. Yes, they use the word and explain his fannishness for My Little Pony — while he’s dressed as a pony prince. There are some “jokes” earlier about his love for Star Trek, too, and how all the girls dislike this and Leeves having to share his interest.

However, the part of the show I found most unbelievable was that a Cleveland Fantasy Con could afford a marketing firm.

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David Oakes writes:  

“Also, Georgia Engel has been guest-starring as a bisexual friend of Betty White’s.”

Really, why is anyone else even neccessary?


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