The Year 2012 at Comics Worth Reading

Following the pattern of last year’s post, here are some views of what happened during 2012 here at the site. First, how many posts were made per month.

Post counts at CWR for 2012

Can you guess during which period I lost my job, got a new one, and moved halfway across the country? Since then, I’ve also had more to do around the house and out in the city, which accounts for why the latter part of the year hasn’t hit the heights of the first part.

I only made it to 775 posts this year (a little over 2 per day, on average), a decline from last year’s 895, but I don’t mind — I’ll aim for 1000 again in 2013. Total posts at the site since December 2005, including this one: 6,459.

There were 50 manga reviews and 55 graphic novel reviews, which makes me think I should do more talking about the good works, since that’s only 13% of the content. However, they’re not the posts that get feedback, either because people agree with me, or because there’s nothing to say about a comic you haven’t read. In contrast, the most popular posts this year, based on comments, were the following:

  1. Win John Carter on Blu-ray! (June, 44 comments)
  2. Comic Fans Need Patience: Thoughts on Lengthy Kickstarters & Incomplete First Issues (June, 41)
  3. Win Friends With Boys! (February, 37)
  4. What Happened to Comic Book Ads? (March, 29)
  5. What Is DC Thinking? Sex, Violence, Racism, and Marketing (January, 27)

The site this year was just me and hubby KC, who wrote 48 posts this year, and I’ll reiterate what I said last year to close: “I couldn’t do this without him. Nor without you, dear readers. Thank you for stopping by, and happy new year!”

3 Responses to “The Year 2012 at Comics Worth Reading”

  1. Reeve Says:

    Happy New Year to you and KC!

  2. John Slonim Says:

    After an over twenty year absence from the comic book market I have spent much of the second half of this year diving head first back into this wonderful medium. Among the many online sites I’ve avidly been scouring to help guide me in my search for quality reading material, your website has overwhelmingly been my favourite. A very sincere thank you for the tremendous quality and quantity of posts.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Thank you very much for the generous compliment, and you’re welcome!




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