Sony at CES 2013 Part 1 — Xperia Z Cellphone and VAIO Computers

Thanks to my employer, Sony, I was able to attend this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. (Of course, the year I go is the year the popular refrain is “no one cares any more”.)

Beatles Cirque du Soleil ticket booth

I’m staying at the Mirage, home to the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show, which I unfortunately don’t have time to go see. (I wouldn’t want to go without KC, anyway.) This is their ticket booth in the lobby, isn’t it cute? They also have a lounge area behind those giant letters.

Beatles Revolution lounge

The show officially opens to the industry this morning, but I was wandering around the Sony booth yesterday afternoon as it was being set up. It takes up several rooms’ worth of space, the better to show off the TVs, cellphones, cameras, and accessories. This is the opening display. It’s really white, but they were testing lighting. The slogan says, “Feel the Beauty BE MOVED”, which is Sony’s emphasis, to move their customers and create Wow! moments.

Sony CES booth 2012

Inside the booth, the giant white strip is all projection screens. The booth itself is all white walls and carpet. During last night’s press conference, which is where a lot of this information comes from, giant images surrounded everyone gathered in the area showing the products and responses to them.

Sony booth CES 2012

Kazuo Hirai, Sony President & CEO, kicked off the event. You can find out more at His message was that Sony products are “unparalleled in the industry” by combining design and function, usefulness and elegance. The company focus is on digital imaging, games, and mobile. Here he is later, talking with the press.

Kazuo Hirai, Sony President & CEO

Xperia Z cellphone

Sony Xperia Z phone

One of the big product announcements is the new mobile phone, the Xperia Z from Sony Mobile. It’s lovely. It has a 5-inch 1080p display and a 13 megapixel camera that does HDR video. It runs on 4G LTE networks and comes in black, white, and purple.

Xperia display

It’s dust and water resistant. They had cases giving the phone a bath to demonstrate. That’s a pool of water underneath.

Xperia Z bath

There were lots of the phones around. Here’s me (hands shown reflected) trying to take a picture of the mirrored main display.

Xperia Z display

U.S. carriers are still to be announced. Their previous phones were on AT&T because they’re GSM. With T-Mobile’s coming refarm for their “bring your own device” program, it’s possible the phone would operate on their system. I hope.

One thing Sony is big on emphasizing is connectivity. They’re using one-touch NFC to allow products to connect easily, with one tap. There’s a cute little ball speaker as well as wireless headphones and a Bluetooth converter that allows any headphones to connect with the phone. You just touch the phone to the item, and they pair.

Xperia accessories

VAIO computers

VAIO Tap 20

Touchscreens are big, of course. In more ways than one. The family-centric mobile desktop Tap 20 is a giant touchscreen that can handle multiple users at once, so, for example, two people can draw on it at the same time. Or you can use it to play air hockey against another person. It’s got three hours of battery life and weighs about 11 pounds, so it’s not a laptop, but it is moveable. And it has an adjustable kickstand.

The smaller Duo allows control by either stylus or finger — if it detects the stylus, then it disables the touchscreen part, so you can rest your hand on it while drawing or taking notes without the computer getting confused. You can use it flat as a tablet or propped to the keyboard, as shown here. It’s now available in silver as well as black.

Vaio Duo

OK, that’s all I have time for now. More on cameras and TVs still to come.

3 Responses to “Sony at CES 2013 Part 1 — Xperia Z Cellphone and VAIO Computers”

  1. Rhuobhe Says:

    I think you should update the title and replace 2012 with 2013. Is that all they have for vaio? Thanks!

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh yeah! Oops. Thanks.

    That was all I noted for VAIO, but I was distracted by the shiny phones and tvs.

  3. Brian M. Says:

    Very cool that you get to go to the show. Have a great time.




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