Sony at CES 2013 Part 2 — TV and Cameras

Prototypes! To bring 4K to the consumer market, there are camcorder prototypes, so soon, you can record your own 4K content. There are also prototypes of mounts for the Action Cam — for a helmet, your wrist, even your pet, as shown on Ubu here.

Sony Action Cam mounts

The new Sony Cybershots will have WiFi capability so they can be controlled by a phone or tablet and transfer images wirelessly. I’ve been using a Cybershot to take pics here, and connectivity was about the only thing it was missing. By the way, all the Handycam camcorders are now HD; no more SD. And they’ll have HDMI inputs to project from external sources as well as WiFi for wireless control and transfer.

Sony camera desk

In headphone news, since Sony is also an audio and music company, the new X10 line of headphones came out last year. Now the Next Gen X is slimmer, in more colors.

But on to the TVs! Sony demoed a gorgeous OLED 4K 56″ TV prototype, the largest 4K OLED in the world.

First OLED 4K TV from Sony

Some random factoids: The upcoming science fiction movie After Earth is being shot in 4K. So is Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. Sony 4K systems are in more than 13,000 movie theaters worldwide. This summer, the first consumer 4K distribution service is coming to provide 4K Sony movies & other content to home users. They’re also working on a 4K line of Blu-ray titles coming this year, either using master film or digitally rescanning. The 4K TVs also have built-in upscaling processors to make HD (such as Blu-ray) content look even better. Sony announced two new 4K TVs coming this spring — 55″ & 65″ models at more affordable prices.

4K TV comparison

That’s a comparison of a 4K TV to a high-end HDTV. The 4K Ultra HD has four times the resolution, to the extent that you can read text easily on screen.

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  1. Anthony Says:

    “Sit, Ubu, sit… good dog.” “Woof!”


    Seemed like ditching SD camcorders was something long overdue…even if manufacturers still think “HD = justification to charge a premium”…




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