Goodbye, Comics Buyer’s Guide

Comics Buyer's Guide March 2013

Krause Publications has announced that the March 2013 issue of Comics Buyer’s Guide will be its last. I’m not surprised — although you’d think that the visual nature would make comics a great subject for magazines to cover, the weekly periodical nature of the industry makes it difficult to stay timely. Reasons blamed in the announcement include lack of paid advertising (always a struggle, especially if you don’t reach outside the comic industry) and too much free online content. (Guilty!)

CBG subscribers will get Antique Trader instead (which may indicate another issue, the publisher’s apparent belief that CBG was serving collectors instead of readers). Interestingly, Antique Trader has been running since 1957 (!). The final issue of CBG will be #1699, and note the sad tagline, “the world’s longest-running magazine about comics”. According to the announcement, “the site and its Facebook page will exist as an archived resource administered by Antique Trader.”

Back when it was a weekly paper, instead of its current monthly magazine format (started in 2004), CBG was one of the many now-departed outlets I wrote a couple of pieces for. I miss that publication and community, because it was a great entry into a certain kind of comic fandom, but it disappeared a long while back. Bob Greenberger has an excellent history of the publication, as does former editor John Jackson Miller. He notes, “The staff received news of the cancellation just after the new year. Issue #1699 had already gone to press, so there will be no anniversary issue, nor acknowledgment in the magazine.”

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