Win Dick Tracy on Blu-ray
January 18, 2013

A shipping mixup can be your benefit! I have an extra copy of Dick Tracy on Blu-ray, and I’m giving it away to one lucky winner in this contest.

To enter to win, please leave a comment below telling me your favorite comic strip movie adaptation. Or any comic strip adaptation — I can only think of two right now, but it’s early. A winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Wednesday, January 23.

(U.S. addresses only, please. Winners will be emailed to confirm address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)

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Chris Buehrer writes:  

The Phantom. Billy Zane nailed it.

Jim Kosmicki writes:  

I agree that The Phantom movie was good, but my favorite comic STRIP adaptation is Robert Altman’s “Popeye.” Jules Fleischer and Altman very deliberately adapted the “Thimble Theater” comic strip that they both remembered from their youth. They used Segar’s characters and the town of Sweethaven, not just the ones people knew from the cartoons. And I’m a huge Harry Nilsson fan, and consider that soundtrack to be one of his better works.

I might have picked “Li’l Abner,” if that counts. It’s an adaptation via Broadway, but it captures the look and flavor of the comic strip wonderfully.

Ali Kokmen writes:  

A bit obvious, but I’ll say ADDAMS FAMILY. Love Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston as Gomez and Morticia, and Christina Ricci’s take on Wednesday was genius.

Jim Kosmicki writes:  

the first Addams Family movie was good, but felt like more of a series of skits – Addams Family Values, on the other hand, had a much more coherent story – I watch that one much more often than the first.

Ralf Haring writes:  

I’ll go with Flash Gordon as a favorite. (since you didn’t ask for best)

Your mention of only thinking of two made me remember The Phantom, and only after a minute or two did I also think of Garfield. I was surprised by the amount listed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_based_on_comic_strips , including Addams Family, a newer tv-movie Phantom, and Tamara Drewe (knew it was based on a comic but not a strip).

Johanna writes:  

Thanks for the link! I only got as far as Dick Tracy and Popeye this morning, so I’m loving the other examples listed so far. Yeah, people forget that Tamara Drewe was a strip because it only came out over here as a book. (Although its format origins explains a lot about the structure, I think.)

James Schee writes:  

So many to choose from…..I enjoyed Popeye and the Blondie movies. Flash Gordon was fun and Prince Valiant was better than expected.

Yet I’ll go with Bon Voyage Charlie Brown.

Daniel Jones writes:  

I’ve got to say that although I loved Dick Tracy, the best comic strip to movie adaptation is Popeye.

The reason the movie didn’t do as well is due to the fact that it was based on the comic strip, and not the more popular cartoons that came afterward.

If you haven’t seen it, definitely give it a shot!

hardtravelinghero writes:  

I would definitely say the Phantom, but apparently that was not a strip that was adapted.

So then I’d go with Flash Gordon for so many various reasons, but what made me bust a gut was when he was on the mindlink thing with the one woman and thinking about the other woman, “Wow, she’s really turning me on.” Way to blow it, Flash.

Kris Larsen writes:  

I like the Popeye movie but I love the “Dennis the Menace” TV show.

Kat Kan writes:  

I think I have to go with Popeye, mostly because I loved Popeye ever since I was very young. I learned to like spinach because of him! The movie cast was outstanding (Shelley Duvall!). And the new Roger Langridge comics are wonderful. So, Popeye for me.

J Leeds writes:  

I think I’d have to go with Flash Gordon as my favorite. Although it’s been a while since I saw it, and I wonder how it would hold up…

James writes:  

I’m going to go with Dick Tracy! It came out when I was a young lad and I was instantly hooked on the vibrant comic-like world!

Johanna writes:  

Thanks to everyone for entering and reading! The winner has been selected and emailed.


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