January 2013 Previews

I know this is late — the deadline for customer orders was Friday — but it’s been three months since I did one of these, and there are some good books on offer. Since I’m focusing on collections, you can probably still order these through some venues.

Superman: Secret Identity coverLove and Capes Volume 4: What To Expect cover
Superman: Secret IdentityLove and Capes Volume 4: What To Expect
by Kurt Busiek & Stuart Immonenby Thom Zahler
DC Comics, $19.99IDW, $19.99
JAN13 0315, due April 3JAN13 0451, due March 6
My favorite Superman story is now back in print. Why it was allowed to ever go out is a mystery. Wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated.Although all six issues of this latest volume are out already, I haven’t read it, so I can’t tell you details of how good it is — but I trust Thom to make superhero romantic comedy fun. Even if I wish they’d had more time to be a couple before having a baby.
How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial coverParis cover
How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science DenialParis
by Darryl Cunninghamby Andi Watson & Simon Gane
Abrams ComicArts, $16.95SLG Publishing, $10.95
JAN13 0797, due April 3JAN13 0808, due February
The American repackaging of Science Tales includes a new chapter on gas fracking. It’s a collection of illustrated essays about the importance of science, disagreeing with those who ignore it.The first of two reoffers of Andi Watson works available this month, Paris is a romance set in the city of lights among two art students.
Slow News Day coverUnico cover
Slow News Day Unico
by Andi Watsonby Osamu Tezuka
SLG Publishing, $12.95Digital Manga, $34.95
JAN13 0810, due FebruaryJAN13 1096, due March
This is the second, and this one is both written and drawn by Watson. Slow News Day captures culture clash and the changing media business, as an American goes to work at a small British paper. I enjoyed it, and I’m glad to be reminded to reread it.Another of Digital Manga’s Kickstarter-funded projects is offered to stores. This is a kids’ manga, about a super-cute baby unicorn.
A Drifting Life coverCastle Waiting Volume 2: The Definitive Edition cover
A Drifting LifeCastle Waiting Volume 2: The Definitive Edition
by Yoshihiro Tatsumiby Linda Medley
Drawn & Quarterly, $34.95Fantagraphics, $29.99
JAN13 1117, due March 6JAN13 1169, due March
The immense biography of a manga creator is back in print, along with five collections of his work. It’s a fascinating, challenging read that anyone interested in the medium should be familiar with.A version of this book was released in 2010, but that one had some unspecified creative differences, so it wasn’t a complete story. Now that the publisher and artist have resolved whatever, this book appears with more material. I’m hoping Fantagraphics will figure out a way to allow purchasers of the previous book to upgrade without paying full price.
Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama cover
Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama
by Alison Bechdel
Mariner Books, $15.95
JAN13 1202, due April 3
After the immense critical and commercial success of Fun Home, Bechdel’s investigation into her father’s secret life, expectations were high for her followup, exploring her relationship with her mother. Perhaps too high, since I found the book disappointing, too caught up in the minutiae of psychotherapy to be a great read. It’s more difficult to talk about a living parent than a deceased one, though.

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  1. Stephen Geigen-Miller Says:

    Oh, I love Daryl Cunningham’s science comics. I’ll need to get a copy of that for sure. His pieces on homeopathy and autism and the MMR vaccine are my go-tos for explaining those issues to people quickly and clearly.




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