Newest Manga Moveable Feast Covers Moyoco Anno

It’s that time again! This week, Experiments in Manga is hosting a Manga Moveable Feast dedicated to the works of Moyoco Anno. The author has had a number of series translated into English, each from a different publisher, including the newest, Sakuran: Blossoms Wild (Vertical), an historical manga about a courtesan; the josei series Happy Mania (Tokyopop); the parody Flowers & Bees (Viz), about making boys more attractive; and the kids’ magical girl story Sugar Sugar Rune (Del Rey).

You can participate in the MMF by posting about the author or any of her works by Saturday, January 26. I’m not sure what I can add, since I don’t have any of her manga I haven’t read — should I finally try Flowers & Bees?

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