Reusing Comic Books as Decoration
January 20, 2013

I was sent this link to a do-it-yourself video by “The Stylish” YouTube fashion channel because of its comic book connection. I looked at it and thought, hunh, they’re trying to make decoupage, one of the many crafts I associate with the 70s (along with macrame and pop can top projects) popular again. On the other hand, if you’re going to cover furniture with paper, using comics is the perfect choice, since they’re already colorful and decorative.

You’ll notice that they’re having a cosplayer assist host Mark Montano. Her name is Kit Quinn, and for someone dressed kind of like Wonder Woman (the jean cutoffs are an intriguing choice to substitute for the bathing suit bottoms), she uses a lot of Marvel comics. They talk about X-Men and Spider-Man, and Kit introduces Mark to the concept of She-Hulk.

Here’s the final table:

Comic book coffee table

2 Responses  
David Oakes writes:  

A local shop has done this with a mannequin, and they use it to display variosu comic clothes. It is a very strong visual. (Though personally, that table is too haphazard.)

Suzene writes:  

Very striking. I love seeing comics recycled in creative ways — shoes, accessories, collages, all that fun stuff.


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