Read a Lot of Great Kyle Baker Comics Online for Free

Kyle Baker has put up online copies of his graphic novels that you can read for free. Titles include some all-time classics, including Why I Hate Saturn (my review) and The Cowboy Wally Show (my review), plus his how-to book How to Draw Stupid (my review), his family cartoon The Bakers (my review), and his recent book Special Forces. Want some good comic reading? You can read the books online or download app versions. Since the books are out of print, it’s a great way to check them out. I have fond memories of how beloved Cowboy Wally was for years on Usenet. It’s no less funny now.

2 Responses to “Read a Lot of Great Kyle Baker Comics Online for Free”

  1. Ralf Haring Says:

    Interesting that that early generation of creator-owned comics folks are taking such progressive steps. Wendy and Richard Pini did this with the entirety of ElfQuest a few years ago, too.

  2. Johanna Says:

    It may be easier for them, since these works have already generated a lot of money, so anything now (such as increased attention or a new audience) is gravy.




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