Pushing Boundaries of Non-Fiction Comics: Nick Sousanis’ Dissertation Work

I ran into Nick Sousanis at last year’s MoCCA show, where I discovered that he’s a doctoral candidate writing and drawing his dissertation in comic form. He believes he’s the first to do so, which seems like a welcome step forward. After all, if comics can tell any kind of story or communicate any kind of information, like any other medium, why not a dissertation?

Anyway, he’s got a website, SpinWeaveandCut.com, where he posts minicomics and dissertation chapters. It’s some mindblowing, theoretical stuff. I like how he’s using images and words combined in unexpected ways to convey his ideas. If you’d like to start with a small taste before diving into the academic deep end, check out Seeing Red, Feeling Blue, a short comic about those two colors, the country’s political divide, and fostering unity. I particularly like this panel, which captures a basic unspoken rule of superhero comics.

Seeing Red, Feeling Blue p2

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  1. David Oakes Says:

    Thank you for pointing this out. As a Math teacher, it is often hard to get people to “think” without using words. (Or more accurately, getting them to realize that they don’t really “communicate” with “words” in the first place.)




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