Digital Manga Direct Shutting Down

Digital Manga Direct shutting down

I admit, I’m not sure I understand what this means, or how significant it is, although I can’t help viewing it in light of the news at the end of last year that Digital Manga was putting all its print titles on hiatus. Then again, if they’re not releasing print books, then they don’t really need a distribution arm, do they? Here’s the announcement:

On January 17th, 2013, Digital Manga, Inc. announced the closure of its wholesale division, Digital Manga Direct. Retailers who wish to make a final purchase through Digital Manga Direct are advised to do so by February 28th. Orders are first come, first serve, and subject to availability. For further questions or ordering information, visit… Digital Manga, Inc. will continue to sell books wholesale via Diamond Distribution and retail via their Akadot Retail and Project-H digital storefronts.

If they’re keeping their websites and using Diamond to send out existing books, then yeah, it seems that this is just streamlining.

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  1. […] Publishing | Digital Manga is shutting down its Digital Manga Direct wholesale service. I’m relieved to see that Johanna Draper Carlson is as puzzled as I am as to what this actually means, but it’s a bit ominous in view of the fact that Digital also put all print editions of its yaoi manga on hiatus for six months (although they do plan to produce hard copies of their Osamu Tezuka and hentai (erotica) manga). [Comics Worth Reading] […]

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