Mark Waid Knows His Stuff — Explaining Thrillbent’s Design and Economics

Mark Waid was a keynote speaker at the recent Tools of Change for Publishing conference, and here’s his speech. I hadn’t realized how creatively the Thrillbent works were taking into consideration the digital medium. They’ve kept themselves true comics — none of this motion/animation/sound junk that makes them look like wannabe cartoons — but they aren’t constrained by top-to-bottom, left-to-right eye flow. They’re leading the reader through the work the same way well-drawn pages do, but not necessarily in a purely linear fashion. Watch the presentation to see some examples.

Smartly, they’re also open to monetization, but in ways that we might not have yet. The sales on Comixology are covering the production costs, so anything else is a bonus. Bless Waid for not being afraid of the future, but be willing to experiment in ways that are realistic and smart. I learned a lot from this talk.

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