O Human Star Well-Drawn Exploration of Robot Identity (And a Love Story)

O Human Star

Blue Delliquanti, whose work I discovered in The Accidental Candidate, has her own webcomic, O Human Star. It’s the story of a dead man whose inventions were responsible for the “robot revolution”, making the creations workable and transforming society. Now he’s been resurrected, in a way, with an archive of his consciousness put into a robot body.

That’s not the most surprising bit. That comes when he meets his old partner and his daughter, another version of him who’s grown up a bit differently. The work is fascinating, both in concept and execution. Amazing work with monochrome coloring, too. I’m reminded of how I felt when I first discovered Finder; it’s got the same feel of human-centered science fiction. There are two full chapters available online, over 110 pages so far, and the third is promised to begin soon. You can also buy the work in print.

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