Chromatic Press to Reprint and Continue Off*Beat; New Publisher Aims Material at Women

Last month, Jen Lee Quick mentioned plans to reprint the first two volumes of her Tokyopop series Off*Beat and publish a new volume 3. Now, the company handling those books has been announced, and the talent involved is impressive.

Chromatic Press logo

Chromatic Press has been launched by Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, former Tokyopop editor; Lianne Sentar, manga editor and novel writer; Rebecca Scoble, also a freelance manga editor and consultant; and Jill Astley, video game fan.

The publisher will release digital versions of Off*Beat 1 and 2 in May, with print versions to follow in June. They are also launching a digital magazine called Sparkler Monthly that will debut in May with a zero issue; Off*Beat volume 3 will be serialized beginning in the magazine’s first issue in June.

Based on this interview with the editors, the publisher is specifically aiming at girls and women aged 15-30. In addition to manga, they’ll be publishing light novels and audio dramas — basically, anything they think they can tap into or build a fandom around.

Pricing is planned to be $6 for ebooks; $12 for print; and $5 a month to access the digital magazine. This will likely be the only Tokyopop OEL rescue, since they’re more interested in new material. It’s great to see that the company supports creator ownership, too.

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