Kodansha Comics Bribing Fans to Participate in Website

Manga publisher Kodansha Comics has announced an ongoing contest. Each of their five new titles now has a “talkback thread” on their website. After thirty or sixty days (varying by title), one commenter on each thread will be selected randomly to get a free copy of the next book in the series. So if you talk about, say, Sailor Moon 9, you could possibly win a copy of Sailor Moon 10.

Chances to win are still good, since the threads only have (at the time of this writing) from zero to four comments. Based on the thread starters, they’re not going to be shy about spoilers; this seems to be aimed at existing readers and customers, who are asked to “chat about the events of this volume”. Yet they’re also told “No spoilers for those who have read ahead in the Japanese editions, please!” It’s gotta be tough to manage or build a manga fan community and walk that tightrope.

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