Vinland Saga Coming in Fall From Kodansha

In October, Kodansha Comics will be publishing the first book of Vinland Saga, the story of Vikings in medieval England in the 1000s. This historical manga, already up to 12 volumes in Japan, is by Makoto Yukimura, author of the much-missed Planetes. I’m not a huge Viking fan, but I was very impressed by how interesting he made outer space garbage collecting in Planetes, so I’m definitely interested in giving it a try.

This will be Kodansha’s first hardcover, made necessary by their doubling of volumes (so two Japanese books in one U.S. one, putting it over 450 pages). Plus, Kodansha is including extras:

  • Exclusive Q&A with Yukimura created specifically for the U.S. edition.
  • Viking cosplay photos from the artist!
  • Serializing the unreleased Yukimura story “For Our Farewell Is Near” (“Sayonara ga chikai no de”)


  1. Superb news! I wish Planetes had remained in print long enough to be able to gift it to others.

  2. Heard about them bringing over Vinland Saga a little while back, but didn’t know the volumes were going to be hardcover omnibuses, nor did I hear about the extras! That’s a great price for them, too.

  3. Wow, I’ve pretty much gotten out of manga once I went nearly all digital. (though I hope to catch up on Nana this summer) Planetes was one of the first manga that really got me though. Hopefully this will be of similar quality.

  4. I’m hoping that if this does particularly well, we’ll get a Planetes re-release.

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