Bakuman Complete Box Set Due This Fall

Viz has announced a complete box set of Bakuman available October 1 (in time for holiday gift giving). All 20 volumes will be included, plus a two-sided color poster and a bonus minicomic of “Otter No. 11″, a series created by one of the characters in the series. List price is $159.99. For comparison, the Death Note box set is available at Amazon for over 40% off. A similar discount, if offered, would bring the Bakuman set down under $100.

Book 18 of the series comes out this week, with the final Volume 20 scheduled for August 6.

I’ve really enjoyed the series for its insight into the manga industry (which can be very similar and very different from the American comic business, depending on which piece of it you’re examining). The one caveat is that the treatment of women is mostly atrocious. They’re either invisible, prizes for the guys, or one-dimensional stereotypes. My most recent two reviews of the series cover Books 14-16 and Book 17.


  1. Hello,

    I visit this site infrequently and just read this article. Do you find that the portrayal of women in “Bakuman” is worse than in, say, Genshiken? I suppose I should qualify that as “Season One” Genshiken. I seem to recall that series had at least a handful of stronger female characters even as there was a disturbing amount of emphasis on one young woman’s breast size.


  2. I can only talk about the first Genshiken series, because I’m not following the second. But I think it’s a better portrayal because there are more women overall. Unless they’re all the same personality (which isn’t the case here), that’s always better than fewer because then you can avoid the female character having to represent all women. More female characters means more diversity of viewpoint and attitude. Plus, the girls of Genshiken seem more well-rounded as cast members, with more personality. Yes, there’s an amount of fan service in Genshiken, but overall, I’d rather read that than Death Note.

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