Life With Archie #21 Has Weird Archie TV Story

KC’s latest Westfield column provides a capsule history of the original Life With Archie title before diving into a summary of one of its weirder issues. Did you realize that in one month in 1958, there were only nine superhero books, and seven of them featured Superman? It’s from a time before Marvel!

Life With Archie #21 p 7

Life With Archie #21 came out in 1963 and features Archie getting trapped in TV land. It’s a wacky story, and reading about it only made me want to read it. Enjoy this walk down memory lane from a time when people actually tried to repair their TV sets. And find out what KC calls “the scariest panel of art to ever appear in an Archie Comics Code approved book”.

What KC didn’t mention was the issue’s opening panel blurb, which says, “This adventure really happened!! In fact, it could some day happen to YOU!!” Who’s writing this stuff, Criswell, the guy from Ed Wood?

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