My So-Called Secret Identity a Female-Friendly Take on Superhero Comics

Will Brooker (writer), Sarah Zaidan (cover artist & colorist), and Susan Shore (interior artist) have launched a new issue-format webcomic called My So-Called Secret Identity. They’re promoting it as a female-friendly alternative to sexist superhero comics, with funding on a donation basis. There are five issues planned in the first of at least three story arcs, and they’ve raised the money for three so far.

My So-Called Secret Identity panel

Like Brigid Alverson, I have qualms. (Do NOT read the comments at that link! Idiot fanboys immediately feel threatened when you bring up how off-putting many superhero comics are to women.) She’s right about the vertical panels being a poor choice for an online comic — I have a portrait monitor and I was still scrolling.

I also agree that I’d rather see a work promoted on what it IS, not what it isn’t. It’s easy to say “those other books are bad because… and I’m not like that”, but instead, be positive about your work. What are your strengths? Without enough content about what you do (instead of what you don’t do), you risk turning off those who feel attacked because they identify too closely with their entertainment.

In this case, the comic features a likable lead character and an intriguing puzzle. I really want to spend more time with Cat, especially since she’s described as “the smartest person in Gloria City”. It’s like the glory days of Oracle, only without the maiming first and with actual attention given to the intelligent redhead. I also love her clothes — I want the outfit shown here.

For now, the comic is continuing at a pace of two new pages every Sunday. I find it best to read an issue at a time, so this might be something I rediscover every few months.

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  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    Picked up on this serial a few weeks back. Intriguing, to put it mildly, and I look forward to more.




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