Wonder Woman: Power Outage

I thought the idea of a “Choose-Your-Fate Adventure Book” starring Wonder Woman would be fun, but the execution is sadly disappointing.

I liked that there were various puzzles — word finds and mazes, mostly — to solve to provide clues on which option to choose. However, that was the only strong point of this book.

From the beginning, I was put off by the author’s choices. We’re introduced to Wonder Woman as she’s fighting Cheetah. The reader has to choose whether to use “great strength” or “your ability to psychically talk to and calm animals” to battle her. If you choose strength, a power Wonder Woman actually has, then you lose immediately. You have to choose the fuzzy-sounding petsitter choice to advance.

I was most disappointed by the plot premise, involving Wonder Woman intermittently and unpredictably losing her powers. It’s an unfortunate fallback for writers who don’t know how else to deal with superpowered women, to have their abilities become unreliable. After all, it’s unfeminine to challenge villains directly — much easier to have a female hero question and lose faith in herself. Between this and the demonstration that the author is writing about some version of the character I’m not familiar with, I quit the book.

There are 13 endings, of which only one is successful. The others end with defeat in battle or losing your powers or life. I’m not familiar with all the mechanics of these gamebooks, but it feels less like an exploration of possibilities and more like having to figure out the one right path in order to “win”. In fact, on the puzzle answer page in the back, the listing to get to the “right” ending is included.

Various clip-art-looking images of an Adventures-style Wonder Woman (cat eyes and strangely spiky hair) are sprinkled among the pages. No art credit is given, although the character creation is credited to William Moulton Marston. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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