KC Looks at Marvel Now! With Reviews of All-New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, More

All-New X-Men #1

I pretty much put this post content in the headline. In his latest Westfield column, KC talks about what he likes and dislikes in several new Marvel Now! titles, including All-New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, the Avengers books, the Fantastic Four titles, and more.

2 Responses to “KC Looks at Marvel Now! With Reviews of All-New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, More”

  1. James Schee Says:

    I’ve enjoyed All New X=Men a lot as well, though, as typical with most Bendis books, the pacing is a bit slow. I keep waiting for something big to happen with this title and everything seems so small so far.

    Wolverine and the X-Men is my favorite of the titles though, with such a diverse cast and good blend of humor and action.

    Uncanny X-Men has been really good as well, I do find the brooding a bit much at times. That probably because I haven’t really seen where Scott did much wrong in his actions. Any hero always is doing what he thinks is right, and even Xaver’s death could be looked at as self defense.

    Oddly it is the closest in direction to what I think of when I think X-Men, with heroes defending their own against bigotry.

    I am enjoying Superior Spider-Man, but do feel it is a limited life span direction. Which thankfull it understands as well, with already hints at why the status quo will change again.

    I really can’t get into any of the current Avengers titles. Hickman’s stories as KC said only work in bulk, and while Avengers Arena has yet to kill off a character I know. I just find the storytelling approach focusing on death unappealing much in the same way the Final Destination movies lack appeal.

    I can appreciate that after such a ground breaking run as Brubaker had on Captain America. That the next team wanted to do something entirely different. Yet this just seems too different, it doesn’t even read like a Captain America story to me. (though if you squinted it’d look just like Kirby’s Kamandi)

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