EW Covers DC’s Gay Controversy Without Talking Much About DC

Entertainment Weekly Mar 22 2013

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has as a cover-featured tag line “DC Comics’ Big Gay Controversy”.

The mention inside, in the short takes “News and Notes” section, doesn’t live up to the billing. The piece is headlined “The Ender’s Game Controversy” and mentions how

“Card’s incendiary views have postponed one project: He was hired to co-write an issue of Adventures of Superman, but artist Chris Sprouse announced March 5 that he had decided to quit the DC Comics venture.”

The entire article is four paragraphs: an introduction on how there’s an Ender’s Game movie coming, a paragraph on Orson Scott Card’s bigotry, the paragraph I quoted (with another sentence from Sprouse), and a speculation paragraph on what it might mean for the movie. That’s it. If I was DC, I’d be ticked they were using the company name for this when it’s really about whether anyone will react to the film based on Card’s views, particularly since he didn’t write the screenplay.

I wonder if this was intended to be a bigger piece, since a lot seems to be missing from it — like information on how Adventures of Superman was an anthology title and will be continuing with other creators, actual mention of controversy regarding the comics, and a note that both DC and EW are owned by the same company. Here’s the article as it appeared on my iPad (click for bigger):

EW Enders Game article

One Response to “EW Covers DC’s Gay Controversy Without Talking Much About DC”

  1. Chad Says:

    I’ve noticed the “TK and Entertainment Weekly are part of the same parent company” disclaimers seem to have dropped off a bit in recent years. Preparation for the coming split from Time Warner?




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