New Books Coming From Jimmy Gownley, Mike Maihack for 2014

Jimmy Gownley

Publishers Weekly ran a brief notice about new titles coming in 2014 from Graphix, the graphic novel imprint from publisher Scholastic.

Jimmy Gownley (shown here), who concluded his Amelia Rules! book series last year, will release The Dumbest Idea Ever! It’s described as the story of how he became a self-published comic book artist at age 15. I’m guessing it will cover behind-the-scenes of his slice-of-life series Shades of Gray, which I enjoyed back in the early to mid 1990s. It’s a terrific idea to create a graphic memoir, a popular approach to book-format comics these days, for young readers, particularly with a true story of creativity and artistic accomplishment.

Also acquired was Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra in Space, with new stories for a two-book (so far) series. While the webcomic covered her ongoing adventures, the first book, Target Practice, will be more of an origin story, telling how the teenage Egyptian got to the future and entered the training academy for her heroics. Unfortunately, that means that the webcomic has concluded for now as Maihack works on the new books.

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