Persia Blues Out This Summer, Serialized Digitally Now

NBM has for order right now Persia Blues, a graphic novel by writer Dara Naraghi and artist Brent Bowman. It’s a project that’s using two of the hottest techniques to finally make it to print. First there was a successful Kickstarter to pay the artist, in which Naraghi described the book as follows:

Persia Blues is a character-driven slice of life tale, combining fantastical elements with contemporary politics, while exploring the universal themes of tradition, family, guilt, and freedom.

That link also has a lot of sample art. The publisher, NBM, provided free books to use as Kickstarter prizes and even paid an advance.

The story involves a young woman who’s a kick-butt fighter in a fantasy realm (illustrated in greyscale) but struggling with the laws of Iran in the real world. I’ve read the first half of the book, and I sympathized with Minoo’s struggles against the restrictive roles for women required by her culture and family. The fantasy side was less interesting to me, but I’m curious how Naraghi is going to tie the two together.

Before the book comes out at the end of May (comic market — July for book market), it’s also being serialized electronically at comiXology in four issues. The first is 99 cents, while the other three will be $1.99 each, released every two weeks. So you can get the story digitally for $7, or the book for $13 (or just over $10 with Amazon discount). That seems about right to me.

In the press release, NBM Publisher Terry Nantier is quoted:

“In today’s book market we’re really appealing to a broader potential reader base than ever before. By offering our books serialized through comiXology there’s an opportunity for a reader to try the first chapter for an extremely low price and then decide if they want to continue to follow the series digitally or purchase the physical book. Digital is unquestionably the future, but physical books offer a richer opportunity for design and presentation which allows us to indulge and release a book worth owning physically.”

This is the first of three books planned, so it remains to be seen what techniques will be used on the following volumes. Persia Blues can be ordered from your comic shop with Diamond code MAR13 1230.

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