Win a Pair of Headphones From SOL REPUBLIC and tokidoki

Tokidoki is a Japanese-inspired brand that puts cute-but-weird characters on everything. You might be familiar with their Marvel t-shirts. They also have a streetwear brand, TKDK, which is more punk-inspired and male-targeted.

They’ve teamed up with SOL REPUBLIC to release two different editions of Tracks HD on-ear headphones, retailing for $150 each.

SOL REPUBLIC tokidoki headphones

TKDK (left) and tokidoki SOL REPUBLIC headphones

I was given a pair to try out — I got the TKDK edition — and I was impressed. I don’t have a lot of experience with the padded-cup over-ear headphone style, but I’d been wanting to try some. These work great at providing sound without leakage to others as well as blocking out extraneous external noise. (For that reason, they’re a good choice to focus at the office.) I was worried about the hard plastic headband, but it’s padded where it goes across the top of your head, and it hasn’t been uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I can’t wear these for long, since the cups press the plastic stems of my glasses against my head, and that gets sore quickly. I think that would be a side effect of any on-ear headphones for me, though.

Here’s the box they came in, covered in tokidoki images, inside and out:

Headphone boxOpen headphones package

Headphone pieces

Some of the unique features of SOL REPUBLIC headphones include interchangeable headbands — yet once you slide the ear cups on, the piece seems solid — detachable connection cables, and a headband that is flexible yet they claim is “virtually indestructible”. Here’s everything that came in the package: the headband, headphone cups, cable (with standard headphone jack), a promo brochure, card, and sticker, a carrying bag, and a cute little figure charm.

SOL REPUBLIC tokidoki headphone package

Thanks to the nice folks at SOL REPUBLIC, I have another pair to give away. To enter to win this contest, please leave a comment below telling me where you most use your headphones. A winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Tuesday, March 26.

(U.S. addresses only, please. Winners will be emailed to confirm address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)


  1. I most often use my headphones while taking walks.

  2. I use headphones mostly at home, and mostly while playing handheld video games. It’s much better than relying on tinny built-in speakers!

  3. i use my headphones most on solitary smoke breaks. nice time to put on a really chill song and just think for a couple minutes.

  4. I wear my headphones most while working on my comics. <3

  5. I wear them at work to listen to podcasts and stream music! It also drowns out noisy coworkers.

  6. At work, lunchtime, making a crowded place my personal paradise

  7. I never use headphones, because they push on my glasses. But my kids use them all the time.

  8. I use mine daily walking to the bus stop and on the ride to work. They’re a good “Not available for conversation/catcall someone else” marker.

  9. Music is my life! I don’t ever go a day without listening to music! I am currently an audio editor for a youth organization and these would be a great addition to the quality of my work! I use headphones the most working on editing audio!

  10. I wear headphones while working at the computer at night (I live in an apartment), on long trips on planes, trains and buses, and while walking or jogging. Not while driving.

  11. My family all have headphones, but I don’t :( I would wear them when everyone else is wearing them and I am feeling left out.

  12. When I am working on art work or walking home from school.

  13. saminder gumer

    i would use the headphones when i am out and about town because i love the colors and animation on them as well as when i travel because they seem to be very fashionable and travel friendly and light.

  14. I listen to a lot of ambient music of I put them on when I want to float in a sound cloud.

  15. At my computer, usually listening to tv shows or movies or music. I have several over ear headphones already though. They work great as earmuffs and noise blockers too.

  16. Denice Herrera

    I wear my headphones while I paint, write, read, and generally need some time to myself. It love music. It helps me get into a creative groove.

  17. Had to have some family move in with me because of some financial/health issues. I love my family don’t get me wrong, but I wear earbuds currently while watching movies/listening to music on my laptop/IPad to give me some peace and “alone” time.

  18. I use headphones most at the office, because I am in cubicleland.

  19. For sheer amount of time involved, I probably wear my headphones the most on planes. Flying across/between continents takes a looong time!

  20. well im using my old headphones right now listening to anime radio. thats actually how i got here but i REALLY love the design of the TKDK and it would be nice to have some new headphones cuz the ones i have shock me sometimes >.< i hope im not to late :c and i use my headphones about 50% of the day. music and anime are my life :)

  21. I wear headphones all day long while I draw, so comfort is key. I actually prefer the ear-cup style to the in-ear buds, despite me being a glasses-wearing person.

    (I know I’m in Canada, but I hope– if I happen to win– that if I provide a US address for shipping it’s OK to enter?)

  22. If I had a pair of head phones I would be able to listen to my music while I study and be able to listen to my anime without disturbing people.

  23. I use mine for the computer when at home or in public watching anime or listening to my .music

  24. I use my headphones to help me fall asleep. Basically if I play soft music, i can tune all other noises out and zone out faster.

  25. I listen to headphones most often on my commute. Without odcasts to listen to on my 40 minutes each way, i would be both very bored and very ill-informed.

  26. I use my headphones most often when writing in the WU E. Asian library.

  27. I use headphones mostly on walks. Oh, and in my cubicle, when I’m watching videos (they’re work-related, I SWEAR!) so I don’t disturb my co-workers.

  28. Thanks to everyone who entered! I have randomly chosen a winner and emailed for their address.

    So many neat ways to use headphones. Particularly hapax, you made me laugh.

  29. I think the question is where don’t I use my headphones. I listen to music at work on my lunch break, since I can’t while I’m working. I use them with my 3DS. Especially with music games, because they make the sound that much better! I also use them when I go on walks and bike rides, and before I go to bed. Headphones are definitely a central part of my life!

  30. When im drawing to help give me inspiration

  31. I’d use them when im out walking and all the time when I confine myself in my room to get away from day. But I’d definalty show them off for a while but only because of the boost of pride.

  32. Everywhere! In school,at home when working and even doing chores.I use them when walking home and sometimes when I go to bed and can’t sleep too. I love the tokidoki brand and was really sad when they left their contract with sephora as there is no longer a place I can find them.

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