Girls of Monster Paradise Webcomic by Stephanie Gladden

Girls of Monster Paradise

With her webcomic Girls of Monster Paradise, Stephanie Gladden answers the question you never knew you need to ask — what happens to all those girls dragged away from their parties and beaches by the monster in 60s movies? Well, they wind up on the island of Monster Paradise, where they all hang out in the tropics and have fun. It’s as if the inhabitants of Gilligan’s Island were all variations of Mary Ann, and they don’t want to leave.

The first strip introduces the characters and sets up the premise. It launched last October and updates every Friday. The premise is a hoot in itself, but the result is fun cartooning, particularly with the emphasis on surf, sand, and hot rods. Stephanie has a long and accomplished career in animation, so her character designs are terrific and all of her work has a great sense of movement.

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  1. elwood-edward-howes Says:

    Girls of Monster Paradise was a great call. Loved it. Thanks for recommending it!




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