Disney’s New Sitcom for Boys Set in Superhero Hospital
April 4, 2013

Later this fall, Disney XD (the cable channel aimed at boys age 6-14) will debut Mighty Med, a live-action comedy series about two boys who “while hanging out at their favorite comic book store, inadvertently discover a secret wing of a hospital that caters to superheroes and comic book characters.”

Mighty Med

It stars Bradley Steven Perry and Jake Short, both of whom have been in previous Disney Channel properties. The SVP of original programming, Adam Bonnett, called them “two incredibly popular Disney stars” who will play “comic book fanboys whose love and knowledge of sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes land them the coolest after-school job ever — working at Mighty Med, a hospital for super heroes.”

Does Disney know that “fanboys” isn’t necessarily a compliment? Or has the term been mainstreamed to that degree?

One Response  
Alan Sepinwall writes:  

I’d say it’s been mainstreamed to that degree — and not just because I often use it myself in a non-derogatory manner.


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