Drink and Draw Like a Lady 2013

Although I’ve been to MoCCA Fest before, this year was the first I had a chance to attend the Drink and Draw Like a Lady pre-show party. And it was a blast! Here’s the room in full swing:

Draw Like a Lady 2013

As titled, look! People actually drawing!

Draw Like a Lady 2013

I got a chance to talk with Alisa Harris, who does Cooking Up Comics and drew the party invite. Co-host Lucy Knisley, whose book Relish I predict will be one of the hits of the show tomorrow, is over her left shoulder.

Alisa Harris at Draw Like a Lady 2013

It was also fun to talk with other journalists, including Heidi and Alexa. (On the left is Dre, artist.)

Dre, Heidi, and Alexa at Draw Like a Lady 2013

I met several excited young artists who didn’t realize that, when I started this gig (20 years ago or so), you could count the number of women talking about comics on one hand. Now, there’s an overflowing room of women making them. When told what I do in comics, some asked, “how do you get to be a critic?” I said, “tell other people what you think and don’t shut up.” (And bless the organizers for including reviewers as a comic craft on the invite.)

My only concern is that it was noisy enough that we were often shouting to talk to each other, so I hope I still have a voice tomorrow. Otherwise, it was an amazing, rejuvenating experience that was a terrific prep for the show.

Update: Alisa Harris, one of the organizers, has a great writeup of the event, with more pictures (including one I’m in).

3 Responses to “Drink and Draw Like a Lady 2013”

  1. Tea Says:

    Thanks so much for coming, Johanna, and thanks for the great pictures!

    It really is wonderful to see the number of young women getting into comics in droves. As I get only, watching the next up-and-coming generation is amazing and exciting! It’s also wonderful to see the younger women who came to the party for the first time two or three years ago as “fans” who are now firmly in the “creator” camp and selling their own comics at their own tables.

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. This is the first time we’ve had a venue where a lot of people could draw, so that worked out well.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks so much for helping to put this together! It was a wonderful time.

  3. My New View of Mocca Fest 2013 Says:

    […] I went to Drink and Draw Like a Lady and I really recommend this event (Ladies only, sorry fellas).  It is a great opportunity to meet other women who will be at MoCCA Fest before the show.  This annual event is in its fifth year and currently organized by Lucy Knisley.  Thoughts on the DDLL event have been blogged by attendees: Alisa Harris (the event flyer’s Illustrator), Marion Vitus, Carey Pietsch, and Johanna Draper Carlson. […]




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