Win a Copy of the Tiger & Bunny Manga

Somehow I wound up with three copies of Tiger & Bunny Volume 1, courtesy of Viz Media. So I’m hosting a contest!

Tiger & Bunny is based on the anime series, featuring a Japanese take on superheroes and reality television shows. Wild Tiger is an existing hero who’s no longer drawing as much audience attention, so he’s paired up with Bunny — Barnaby Brooks Jr. — who has a younger, fresher take on how to do things.

There’s a lot of action in this series, but not much content otherwise. We learn almost nothing about the heroes beyond their powers, and the idea of a team run by a company for commercial instead of heroic purposes has been around for decades in American superhero comics. However, those curious about how one nation’s favorite genre plays in another culture might be curious.

To win one of the copies, please leave a comment below telling me which manga and superhero comics you’d mash together, and what the result would be. A winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Wednesday, May 1. (U.S. addresses only, please. Winners will be emailed to confirm address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)


  1. I’d mash together Yotsuba&! and Green Lantern. Yotsuba would be Earth’s green lantern and the result would be exactly the same as the Yotsuba&! manga, except Yotsuba would be dressed in her green lantern uniform in every scene. And Yanda would be Sinestro.

  2. I’d mash together Dykes to Watch Out For and the X-Men stable of characters. The X-Men have a really diverse cast and there’s a lot of slice-of-life story telling that gets neglected for arc-of-the-month type heroics. The new X-Men book with an all-female cast looks really promising. Every time there’s a soft focus issue on the lives of the heroes beyond saving the world I always enjoy it and it’s a great way to bounce characters off one another.

  3. Ranma 1/2 and Supergirl. Ranma falls into the pool of drowned Kryptonian Girl and has to deal with being a superheroine vulnerable to both Kryptonite and hot water.

  4. I would have a reverse main character style with the Joker from Batman. I promise Joker is a hero just misunderstood per the new game out gods among us. Any ways I would mash it with fairy tail. Seeing as I like everyone, but Gray, Gray would be the be protagonist. With this mash up the Joker would be going hysterical because Gray is always having his cloth come off. So the Joker would be prancing around with his arsenal of items and surprise ol Gray with a big ol flower that sprays him with u guess it some weird liquid. Granted the mash up would be overpowering with fairy tail world containing magic, but the Joker would have his purple suit negating all magic particles around the area, and only the Joker knows where he got the suit. Leading the Joker to a very large scale world domination of the fairy tail world. Finally. To quote the Joker, “Mawh hahaha ehaha hah- ha-ah”

  5. I’d mix Azumanga with The Avengers. School girls by day, crazy super heroes after school! Chiyo-chan would be the Hulk, simply because I would find that hysterical.

  6. Every Day Monster Girls and Iron Man/Avengers would be a great mix if you played up the comedy of the situation. You’ve got a Japanese playboy genius with kickass power armor, but he can’t sleep with any of the girls living with him due to diplomatic hurdles. Ms. Smith, the head of Shield, is a lazy slacker who tosses more girls at the protagonist, dumps paperwork on her monster girl hero team, and is only really competent when stuff is going down. You’ve got a yandere Pepper Potts in Miia, the lamia, who tries to get rid of or marginalize the other girls, plus skeevy paparazzi lurking about. It practically writes itself.

    Or you could totally make Tony Stark the protagonist and watch as he causes a diplomatic disaster of epic proportions because he sleeps with the girls, forcing Nick Fury and Shield to work overtime to clean up Tony’s latest mess.

  7. Well, just for grins, how about mashing up BATMAN with BLACK BUTLER? A stunningly bishi Alfred beats the crap out of all of Gotham’s psychotic underworld, then returns to prepare and serve a dinner party at stately Wayne Manor, with a suavity and style and subtle yaoi undertones to make all the fangirls sigh.

    At the end of the series, [SPOILER] Alfred drags Bruce’s soul off to Hell.

  8. I would mush Spider-Girl (the daughter of Spider-Man not the latest one) and Psyren together. I think the “feel” of Psyren where the characters are caught up in their thoughts and emotions with a detailed yet self-contained plot, but not so much that it hinders the storytelling would be a great take on it, while still having amazing action sequences would be a great mix. I like how Psyren can be serious, but lighthearted and yet not full of completely stupid gags that interfere with the story being conveyed. Also, I like how everything is explained without any large “why is it like that?” holes left. Spider-Girl is a female superhero who isn’t a push over. She has just as much responsibility issues and weight as her father. Psyren’s storytelling style would accent that perfectly. Plus, the female characters can dish it out just as well as the guys without pointless fanservice.

    The result would be a teenage targeted shonen story with a female lead, but plenty of male characters to stand on equal ground with that respectfully conveys the trials and tribulations of responsibility while still having enough action to keep everybody happy.

    That’s all I got. XP

  9. Lelouch with Spiderman.

  10. Dr. Strange and Yoshimori from “Kekkaishi”

  11. Geez, only 10 entries? I can’t let odds like that pass me by! :)

    Idea #1 — Message to Adolf and Captain America. Because it’s obvious.

    Idea #2 — One Piece and The Fantastic Four. Besides some of the superficial similarities (elemental basis for several characters’ powers) there’s also a thematic closeness by virtue of creating a tight-knit family of extraordinary people. I think putting an early (i.e. less powerful) version of the FF on the Grand Line might be kind of fun.

  12. Maison Ikkoku and The Ultimates. Madcap antics ensue as Kyoko is constantly having to rebuild the trashed boarding house.

  13. Wow, what creative ideas! And some with characters I haven’t heard of. I’ve emailed the three winners. Thank you all for playing and for reading the site! And for coming up with some intriguing suggestions.

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