Artifice Now Available in Print

I mentioned Artifice, the gay sci-fi webcomic, last year, and now it’s available in print.

This week marks the release of the graphic novel, written by Alex Woolfson and illustrated by Winona Nelson. If you’re curious, you can still read the story online or visit the publisher’s website.

It’s the story of Deacon, an artificial person in custody because his corporation thinks there’s something very wrong with him. He’s the only survivor of a mission, to destroy a colony and kill all the inhabitants, gone wrong. Jeff, the only colonist left alive, was shunned because he was gay, and Deacon, as someone who seems human but isn’t, sympathizes with his outcast status. As Deacon is debriefed, we find out what really happened.

The collection includes background information on the creation process and answers to various reader questions and comments. Woolfson’s new project is The Young Protectors. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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