Farewell, Dorothy Parker

They made a book just for MEEEEEEEE! Farewell, Dorothy Parker is the story of how Violet Epps, movie critic, learned to stop being a doormat.

Although she’s strong and confident in her opinions when writing reviews, inspired by the legendary Dorothy Parker, the rest of her life is marred by social phobia. She’s got an overbearing loser of a boyfriend, a self-obsessed work rival, and an orphaned niece, Delaney, whose grandparents are fighting for her custody although Violet and Delaney would be better together. Her inability to say what she really thinks leaves her feeling trapped and worthless.

Then she visits the Algonquin, where she sees the ghost of Mrs. Parker (and her poodle Cliché). Soon Mrs. Parker has followed her home, where the two bond. As the ghost advises Violet, she gets the encouragement she needs to stand up for herself.

This is a somewhat predictable book — of course there’s a handsome kung fu instructor to provide a substitute love interest, and several of the confrontations go better than one might expect in real life — but the journey is so very enjoyable, particularly the dialogue between the two women. Recommended, particularly for any writer who’s enjoyed (or astonishingly, hasn’t yet discovered) the works of Dorothy Parker.

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  1. Ellen Meister Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Johanna!




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