Big Hero 6 Movie, Based on Marvel Characters, Scheduled by Disney
May 13, 2013

The 2014 animated feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios will be Big Hero 6, based on two Marvel miniseries. The “action comedy adventure” is due out November 7, 2014, and will be the first Disney cartoon adaptation of Marvel characters. It will be CG-animated and feature “comic-book style action”.

Based on this short first look, the appearance of the technological megapolis, called San Fransokyo, will be important. (I’m not sure why they just couldn’t use a future Tokyo, unless there’s some reason it’s important the movie be set in the U.S.)

And here’s a concept art image, tweaking a real-world landmark.

Big Hero 6 concept art

The plot involves “brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada” trying to foil a criminal scheme to destroy the city. He, his robot companion Baymax, and “a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters” work together to save San Fransokyo.

I’m glad to see some lesser-known projects getting media attention, and I liked the modern, youthful feel of the comics. Then again, anything that isn’t a 30-year-old franchise has an advantage in feeling fresh when it comes to corporate superhero comics. The concept was originally created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in 1998 before the team appeared in two miniseries, the three-issue Sunfire and Big Hero 6 and the five-issue Big Hero 6. Those comics mixed new and established characters (in Sunfire and Silver Samurai), so it sounds like the idea is being tweaked if the movie team are all first-timers.

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Anthony writes:  

My one exposure to Big Hero 6 is reading the free TPB I got as part of Comixology’s 700 free Marvel books offer. I liked what I read, so a movie version might be interesting.

“San Fransokyo”? Guess they assumed Americans won’t want to watch it if it’s not set in the US, or something? Though the comic I read had them from Tokyo…


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