Don’t Fear the Digital Comics!

When are decision makers going to accept that digital comics are an extension to the market, not a replacement for print? Selling digitally will expand your market, not cannibalize it.

Brigid Alverson does an excellent job pointing out how wrong Mark Millar is to prevent interested customers from buying his new series digitally.

Certainly, it’s his choice. He owns the copyright (I’m assuming), so he can refuse to license the work if he wants. Just like movie studios used to refuse to allow their stars to appear on TV, way back in the day. And look how well that worked in keeping people from switching their viewing to their living room because it was more convenient for them! Instead of going out to the movies, they made new stars out of those who would appear where they wanted to view entertainment.

I’m also reminded of the days when people actively worked against paperback collections of comics because readers who wanted to buy in bookstores weren’t considered “real” comic customers, and the one true way to buy comics was as periodicals, every week. Now we’re fighting the same battles again, with certain people trying to ignore how customers will either buy the format they prefer or not at all. By trying to force them to print — thereby ignoring the now-significant number of buyers who don’t want physical comics or have no shop nearby — Millar is simply hanging onto the way things used to be, not the way they are now.

One Response to “Don’t Fear the Digital Comics!”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Makes it easy for me to just skip it, since I buy digital singles. (TPBs if something proves to be a keeper) Him telling me I have to wait as a customer just because i choose to shop how I want just means more $ for other things.

    It is his right, but seems so outdated. (plus I’m sure the book is torrented in the usual places)




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