Language Means Whatever Marvel Says It Does: Graphic Novels and Miracleman

Graeme McMillan over at the Newsarama Blog catches a couple of odd Marvel announcements. (And speaking of that blog, is Graeme the only one left holding the fort? Look at this five-year-old page of contributors to remember what it used to be. Update: The whole blog, including that link, has been wiped. Which, half a year later, answers that question.)

First, there’s Marvel deciding that the upcoming Avengers: Endless Wartime is their “first” original graphic novel (according to advertising). This ignores that there were almost 40 of them back in the 1980s, beginning with The Death of Captain Marvel. Tom Brevoort explains the discrepancy away by saying that those older books were too short to meet today’s definition of a graphic novel. Funny, I’m not aware of a length requirement for the format.

Then there’s taunting the fans over Miracleman, or as they’re now back to calling him, Marvelman. Joe Quesada is telling curious readers to be patient with the company’s silence about the long-awaited reprints of the good stuff (by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman). When Marvel needed to sell the older books, that no one really wanted, they were hinting around about upcoming news. Now, it’s inconvenient, so fans should “go away, kid, you bother me”. (Can’t you see Quesada as Foghorn Leghorn? Only he’s not that Southern.)

I still think we’re never going to see the Miracleman reprints we want from Marvel. Back in the day, bringing them out would be a real service — but now, anyone who wants to read them can, on the internet. It’s not technically legal, but then, much of that case falls in that category.

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  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    It’ll be news to Hergé’s ghost, too.

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