PvP Brings on Co-Writer Dylan Meconis

Scott Kurtz has been creating PvP for fifteen years now. That’s an eternity for a webcomic, and bravo for him for keeping it going so long!

Dylan Meconis

Now, to keep things fresh, the strip is bringing on a co-writer, Dylan Meconis (known for her webcomics Family Man and Bite Me). They’re billing it as the “PvP Writers’ Room”, which implies the intent to bring on additional staffers.

Meconis has previously written over two weeks’ worth of the strip in January, when Kurtz was injured, and she’s already been working with Kurtz on the current storyline.

“The problem with deadline-based comic strip writing is that sometimes you’re forced to go with your first idea over the best idea.” said Kurtz. “Being a part of a writing team on other projects I learned that with more than one writer, you can get the best idea and maintain the schedule.”

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