Good Comics — and Books — Out May 15

You know, I may not like reading them (which probably says as much about me as it does about them), but it’s a pretty cool thing to look at DC’s list of comics out this week and notice just how many women have titles:

  • Batgirl #20
  • Batwoman #20
  • Birds Of Prey #20
  • Catwoman #20
  • Supergirl #20
  • Wonder Woman #20

That’s half the line this week. ‘Course, one might note that bringing them all out the same week is a little weird, as though women who want to read about women only need to go to the comic shop once a month.

Also exciting to me are TwoMorrows’ releases. The first issue of the new magazine Comic Book Creator debuts, edited by Jon B. Cooke. There’s a PDF preview of the 84-page color magazine at that link, or you can download a bonus PDF of 32 pages of material that didn’t fit in the print version.

I’m very curious to see the next volume of their American Comic Book Chronicles series. The first 1960s volume by John Wells set a very high bar — we’ll see how the 1980s book, out tomorrow, lives up to it. It’s such an important decade for all kinds of comics, and I expect to enjoy reliving it in print.

In terms of graphic novels, Archaia has Strange Attractors, which I reviewed a few months ago. It’s got an intriguing premise, and a strong sense of location in its New York City setting, but ultimately, I wanted more depth.

One Response to “Good Comics — and Books — Out May 15”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    “[W]omen who want to read about women only need to go to the comic shop once a month.”

    I can’t resist a straight line.

    But in this case, I am going to try, veryveryvery hard….




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