KC on the Legion of Super-Heroes Cancellation, Marvel’s “First” Original Graphic Novel

KC’s latest Westfield column tackles two recent areas of discussion: whether Marvel knows what “first” means and the cancellation of the Legion of Super-Heroes comic. He provides a brief history of the Marvel graphic novel line and reflects on why the LSH concept may have some problems these days. (I helped with that part, because we love to talk Legion together. After all, that’s why we’re married.) There’s also a prediction of what DC’s comic line might look like in the future.

Fun trivia: the case numbers he uses are based around the company’s old New York street addresses. In case you were wondering.

If you’re curious to read another (much lengthier) take on the Legion and what it’s got right and wrong over the years, someone calling himself Astro has posted an essay analyzing series high points and strategies over the decades, with some recommendations for the future. If the series has one.

6 Responses to “KC on the Legion of Super-Heroes Cancellation, Marvel’s “First” Original Graphic Novel”

  1. Astro Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Johanna. :) Hadn’t read the Westfield column; good stuff.

  2. Johanna Says:

    So I have to ask – is it Astro like the Jetsons’ dog?

  3. Astro Says:

    You know, I’ve been using that ‘pen name’ (keyboard name? click name?) since 1998 in one form or another and I still get asked that one regularly. :)

    I wish I could say it was, but it is in fact a reference to my personal favorite cosmology, Jack Kirby’s “New Gods”. (specifically the weapon wielded by good ole Orion).

    Somehow my name referring that future pup seems more appropriate for the topic of this post, though. :)

  4. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I dunno — the Legion has kind of interacted with the New Gods, while I don’t recall them ever meeting the Jetsons. :)

  5. James Schee Says:

    Interesting take by Astro, the dog would certainly have been a member of the Super Pets. For me the Legion works best as a group of friends who become like a family, trying to make the world/universe better.

    When they are made lawmen, or an army or a movement it never really works for me. I enjoyed 5YL era best because of the complexity, but it shared that aspect(early on) with the ZH reboot with the young kids which was my second favorite.

  6. jdh417 Says:

    In a universe without the Legion, that means we have no future. I always loved the Giffen/Levitz combo era (before Keith started doing all his art with crayons).

    Yes, the kids have goofy names and powers, but really it’s superheroes in the future and in space, with lots of attractive young people having soap opera-like relationships. How hard do you have to be overthinking this to screw up a concept this inherently cool?

    Dear DC, If you’re too stupid to make this work, please cancel it forever. For the love of God, don’t reboot it again!




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