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Supergirl #20 cover

Who would have thought that seeing Supergirl and Power Girl argue with Supergirl’s house would be so entertaining? I have no idea what’s been going on in this series — or even who Supergirl *is* — but I enjoyed the dialogue between the two women.

Yes, it’s an obvious joke that Power Girl takes offense to being considered “old”, compared to the teen version. And I don’t know why the house (Sanctuary) thinks that one of them is a clone, or why anyone cares, or where the house came from, or why it’s so snarky (although that part is entertaining). All of this (of course) leads to a big fight, which could have taken up fewer pages to make me happier, but today’s DC superhero comics seem to value punching over characterization, so I should be glad we got as much conversation as we did.

I like how these women look cute (particularly the younger one) and active and related without the story ever taking second place to posing them. I hate to praise the art in part by what it’s not, but any time we have a Power Girl story, it’s a concern.

I would have really appreciated a “story so far” page explaining why Power Girl is hanging out with Supergirl instead of the Huntress, which is where I’ve seen her so far in the new DCU. I guess we’re supposed to use the internet for that now.

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  1. James Schee Says:

    Supergirl #19 previous issue, PG sees SG in distress and goes to try and help her out. It is the first issue by the current writer/artist team and provides pretty much all you need to know. The attitude from her fortress is new, she got the fortress from a crystal just like Superman. (which made me go “Of course! If Superman’s parents sent him a crystal, why wouldn’t Supergirl’s?)

    I’ve been reading Supergirl since reboot, but before new creative team the only bit I’d really liked was her friendship with the Silver Banshee.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, I liked those characters, the new Banshee and her brother and the translation power. But as soon as I noticed them, they went away in favor of MOR FIGHTS.

    Thanks for filling me in — but how did Power Girl get to Supergirl’s Earth?

  3. James Schee Says:

    Worlds Finest 0 when she and Huntress were helpingSuperman & Batman of Earth 2 fight Darkseids forces they got caught in boom tube and taken to current new 52 Earth. There they changed their IDs to hide but kept watch over their counterparts. ( in WF Huntress & Damian had a great bond)

    Oh and the reason the fortress hates clones? During awful H’ll xover it’s revealed that clones rebelled on Krypton and were wiped out before they could destroy Krypton.

  4. Stanley's Monster Says:

    Your review is skittish.

    – You hate to praise the art for what it isn’t. Isn’t what?
    – You feel the story should be filled in for you, but can’t bother to actually read the previous issue. Yet you apparently read the title at some point as you know the Banshee storyline.
    – Your Internet crack was snarky.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Regarding the art, “isn’t” refers to the sentence right before it. The art isn’t made up of poses to show off female body parts; instead, it concentrates on telling the story instead of gratifying the male gaze.

    Yes, I’ve sampled issues of Supergirl before, but I quit reading when it was no longer satisfying for me. Regarding my questions, I’m attempting to determine how important the universe is in relation to particular issues or series in the new DCU. They seem to be emphasizing connections, with all the crossovers and such, so I think evaluating this issue in relation to that expectation is fair. Thus, my question about how this relates to the other Power Girl book.

    As for snark, well, I was running Snarky Comments on Usenet before most people knew what the word meant, so yeah, I can be snarky. I do sometimes wonder, though, how people in 20 years are going to relate to today’s comics when they come across them. Will the websites they reference still exist? When I read issues from the 60s, I have everything I need right there.

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know if my thoughts are making sense to readers, or what questions they have.




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