Monsters University Disney Storybook App

Monsters University app home screen

In advance of the coming movie, Disney Publishing has released a Monsters University Storybook app for iPhone and iPad. It’s fun to play with! You start by taking your picture for a student ID, which you can decorate with cartoon mouths, horns, eyeballs, and more to “monsterify” yourself.

Monsters University app

Don’t I make a scary monster?

The “Read” option tells you the story of the movie (I assume), about how Mike Wazowski went to Monsters University to become a Scarer, with lightly animated screens and movie clips. (You can have it read to you or read it yourself.) If you spot the hidden IDs, you unlock other players for the “Play” option, which has five different variants on the same tilt-the-screen game mechanism. Which I failed at miserably.

This is a cute memento with some good replay value, but I recommend getting it for your child (or yourself) after June 21, when the movie comes out. Wouldn’t want to spoil anything, would you?!

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