More Art for My Wall About Me

It’s a tradition in my family to have a “wall about me”. It’s where you put your diplomas, or your medals if you’re in the military, or any neat art (like the cross-stitching my mother used to do). I, of course, have sketches.

It started with two wonderful pieces Ed Sizemore got for me, a Sabrina by Tania del Rio (in which she’s reading my website!) and an original watercolor by Lea Hernandez. I couldn’t resist adding a Savage Critic by Scott Kurtz, after some of our internet run-ins, and Paul Sizer drew me and a snark hammer.

Diary comic by Jennifer Hayden

My latest acquisition is more group-oriented. At this year’s MoCCAFest, I had lunch with Brigid Alverson, Heidi MacDonald, Erica Friedman, and Jennifer Hayden. (Note that we all wear glasses, except for Jennifer.)

You may recognize Jennifer’s work, as she’s an autobiographical cartoonist published with Top Shelf. And as happens when you share an experience with such, there was a comic strip capturing the event. I am very lucky to now have a print, capturing a wonderful memory of lunch with some terrific ladies.

You can find out more about Jennifer or read more recent comics at her Rushes diary comic site.

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