Rapture-Palooza Opens June 7
June 2, 2013

Opening next weekend from Lionsgate (in selected theaters and video-on-demand, where you’re more likely to find it) is Rapture-Palooza, a comedy about the end of the world starring Craig Robinson (as the Anti-Christ), Anna Kendrick, John Francis Daley, and Rob Corddry. It’s written by Chris Matheson, who demonstrated with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure that he knows something about unexpected heroes and genre-mashing. Here’s the trailer:

Rapture-Palooza poster

After Pitch Perfect, I want to see pretty much anything Anna Kendrick does, and the rest of the supporting cast is good, too. Kendrick and Daley play a young couple left in Seattle after the Rapture. Life isn’t easy, as can be seen in this clip with Ana Gasteyer and John Michael Higgins freaking out as Kendrick’s parents:

When the Anti-Christ (aka the Beast) gets a crush on Kendrick, then the pair put together a plan to stop him. Tom Lennon (I really liked him in 17 Again) is their zombie neighbor, as shown here:

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