Three Comic Kickstarters Worth Buying: Galaxion, Stray in the Woods, Lions of Valletta

Galaxion 3: Infection cover

Galaxion is publishing a third collection! Since I enjoyed Book 1: The Jump and Book 2: First Contact of the science fiction webcomic, getting the third is a no-brainer.

Book 3: Infection is available through an Indiegogo campaign, not a Kickstarter, I’m guessing because Tara Tallan is Canadian. The basic book level gets you a copy both in print and digitally for $25 (which includes shipping in the US and Canada). If they get half their goal, they’ll also give everyone digital copies of the first two books.

The campaign page also has a brief history of the comic, pointing out that the story first entered print 20 years ago. Bravo, Tara, for keeping it going! That’s another reason I get excited about new collections — I’ve been reading this story since 1995, and I’m still curious to find out what happens next.

A Stray in the Woods promo image

Alison Wilgus is printing a collection of her mystical, user-driven webcomic A Stray in the Woods. The Kickstarter campaign for this one is already funded, so hop over and preorder a color volume. I’m bummed I missed out on the early bird level, but $25 for the book (including shipping) seems fair. It comes with a PDF and a downloadable copy of the theme music!

Lions of Valletta promo image

Another Kickstarter that’s well over its funding goal is Ursula Murray Husted’s Lions of Valletta, an all-ages graphic novel about orphan cats living on the waterfront of Malta. (I’ve previously praised Husted’s prior two graphic novels, Making Rain and Looking Up.) Visually, the book contains some amazing allusions to art history, and the story’s about searching for a home and a place to belong. It’s both touching and already done! Backers instantly get a PDF copy.

4 Responses to “Three Comic Kickstarters Worth Buying: Galaxion, Stray in the Woods, Lions of Valletta”

  1. James Schee Says:

    I’d like to donate for the Galaxion one, since I really liked the original book & Tara was very kind to me at my first ever con. Heroes way back when, where I got to have dinner with you, KC, her, and the Xeno’s Arrow and Thieves and Kings guys.(who got obsessed with the store Belk’s name & would be other projects I’d back)

    Yet Tara’s one is in Canadian money. Can I donate from here in the States? I looked to see for myself, and hope I’m missing the info somewhere.(it is early in the morning here)

  2. Johanna Says:

    When I donated, Paypal automatically did the conversion for me, so yes, you can donate from US and pay in US funds.

  3. wandering-dreamer Says:

    I’m waffling over whether or not to kick in some money to the Galaxion kickstarter, on the one hand I do really really like the comic but on the other I don’t have the other books yet (or the money for a higher tier where I could get all of them) and need to be careful with my budget anyway. I’ll probably end up saving that money and putting it towards the Ava’s Demon kickstarter that’s also going on now since I love that one even more and it looks like those are going to be some really nice books (

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