Are You Planning to See Man of Steel?
June 9, 2013

Here’s one version of a trailer for Man of Steel, the Superman movie that opens June 14 (next weekend).

Are you planning to see it? And if so, when? I just realized that I’ll be traveling for family events (birthdays and wedding) that weekend, so I won’t be part of the opening weekend crowd. Expectations are high for the film, as Warner Bros. needs a superhero hit. Marvel makes it look so easy, and the future of DC Entertainment will be affected by whatever happens, positive or negative.

The trailer makes it look like a relatively standard action movie, one where I already know the plot (origin story + General Zod), so I’m not upset that I can’t see it immediately. Attaching Christopher Nolan’s name tells me that the mood is probably darker (both visually and emotionally) and more depressing than I like in my superhero flicks. Then again, my not liking Nolan’s Batman trilogy didn’t stop it from making billions of dollars.

The effects do seem amazing. I’m struggling, though, with Russell Crowe as Jor-El, because he seems too young for the role! Same for Diane Lane as Ma Kent. What’s with those grey streaks? You can’t tell me Smallville doesn’t have a drug store with some Clairol products!

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James Schee writes:  

I went to the evil Wal-Mart store and bought a ticket to see it Thursday night. I’m looking forward to seeing it a lot myself, as every preview has seemed to show a bit more light and even humor. (the Superman & Lois scenes)

Plus if something set up in the prequel comic(with gorgeous Ordway art!) I downloaded when I bought the ticket comes to pass. I suspect there to be a very bright and hopeful surprise that’ll have people excited.

I never understood why Jor-El would have to be old. He just has to be an adult age person that had a baby, since the baby grows up on Earth. Oh and Martha strikes me as someone who wouldn’t care about grey hair.:)

Johanna writes:  

Oh, Jor-El doesn’t HAVE to be old — he’ll just always be late-in-life Brando to me. Having him as a regular adult probably makes more sense. I’m glad to hear you’re seeing humor and hope in some of the previews. I must have missed those.

Diana writes:  

Am I going to see it? Yes, but I’m in no hurry. It looks promising, despite my loathing of Snyder’s work. I think Crowe suits the Jor-El role reasonably well, from the bits in previews. And despite all the cheesy stuff that’s been done with the character over the years (Clark and Lois? Really?) I have such a soft spot in my heart (or is that in my head) for a GOOD Superman story.

Stephen Geigen-Miller writes:  

Just before The Avengers came out, I made a decision for myself that I won’t be seeing any movies based on Marvel or DC intellectual property. This is the first one that’s really testing my resolve – I do love Superman and have very fond memories of the first Christopher Reeve movie – but the temptation isn’t enough to change my position. So no, I won’t be seeing it, even though the trailers are hitting all the right buttons for me.

James Schee writes:  

I wonder if it is the odd filter that Snyder always seems to film with that makes the movie seem dark? To me from the previews it looks to follow the Superman story. With him being a beacon of light and hope (as he says in the preview his chest symbol stands for). He’s even being heroic in scenes without the costume, from as a kid with the school bus and the oil rig.

argo plummer writes:  

I am going to see it opening weekend. I had many of the same reservations as you have expressed but I have to admit the previews have won me over. I am very excited with a small twinge of worry that the trailers haven’t quite completely eradicated.

Jim Perreault writes:  

I do plan to see it. I do have some worries about it being too dark, but I do think the essential core of Superman will be there.

I agree, Crowe is terrific as Jor-El. I don’t expect it to be as good as Avengers, but hopefully it will be better than Amazing Spiderman (which was way too dark).


Ed Sizemore writes:  

I’m actually planning to go to the Thursday midnight showing. I haven’t done it for any of the Superhero films yet.

Anthony writes:  

I plan to see the film next weekend, though not on opening night—don’t want to pay evening prices, plus Milwaukee lacks a first-run mainstream movie theater within city limits…

Chris G writes:  

No. It looks awful.

Bill D. writes:  

Thought about going to the midnight showing, but I work nights and am up late enough as is, so I’m going to my local theater’s 10 am showing (2D) on Friday. I can drop off the kiddo at school, grab a quick breakfast, and see Superman. I’m really looking forward to it.

David Oakes writes:  

“Superman Returns” scarred me so badly, I don’t have the heart. Amy Adams or not. (I mean, look at poor Kevin Spacey!)

Dwight Williams writes:  

Going tonight.

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